Complete transformation of the economy – Huge potential of the “Working From Home” trend

authored by
Christos Alonistiotis
Market Insights
2 minutes read

The pandemic sooner or later will loose its momentum and will stop being constantly in the headlines and concerning us so much. However, the pandemic will not only leave behind a sanitary crisis and human life losses, but also a new economy pattern. “Working From Home” trend is only at its beginning and this indicates the potential is has.

New internet infrastructure, services and products are created to cover new needs that emerge from higher demand. But it is not limited to that. This trend is expected to affect literally all sectors of the economy.

For instance, conferences will be held more and more virtually. There may be the handicap of social distancing, but it can be solved too. There have been high status conferences, which have taken place during the pandemic with many participants, prestigious participants, sponsorships and paid sessions for one to one conversations.

Currently there has been an asset management company that completed the process of capital gathering exclusively online, and the final amount surpassed $5 billions. Music performances are now going online with virtual tickets, generating higher revenues. According to J.P. Morgan, subscriptions are the future. And the pandemic has laid the foundation for a “subscription” world.