It seems that investors are massively investing in electric cars companies stocks, as if they want everything to be done so quickly and find ourselves in the era when the roads will be dominated by cars with batteries.

In any case, this is one of the strongest trends of 2021, which was further boosted after the IPO of Rivian, which is Apple's “vehicle” to enter this sector.

Lucid: Hoping to "catch" the attention of big investors
The company, which has been acquired by SPAC, announced that there is a 30% increase in demand for its vehicles (from 10,000 to 13,000) while the fund is full of $ 4.8 billion. Given that the company does not target analysts and big investors, a number of investors believe that the company deserves more attention and that there is a possibility that in the future money leaving Tesla will be placed in Lucid. The company’s share has soared 424% only in 2021.

Tesla: The undisputable player of the market
Tesla holds the ropes in the market. Tesla's portfolio is really very large and is not limited to electric cars and batteries. Big investors are feeling safe, and despite the fact that stock sales by its founder, Elon Musk, have triggered strong daily pressures, investment interest has finally managed to stem any decline.

Rivian: Among the leaders of the market after one and only conference
Rivian managed to win third place among the largest automakers during its first conference. The number of cars (none) Rivian has sold compared to other companies is actually crucial in the business circles, but has nothing to do with the investment interest, regardless of the company's stock course in the next period. It is known that any excess reactions to successful IPOs do not last long.