America's economic circumstances are the most decisive factor that can affect emerging markets. Given the abundant liquidity and the fact that economic circumstances in America have been smoothed out, emerging markets seem to be at a very good level.

The pandemic temporarily halted the structural change effort that had begun many years before in quite a lot of emerging markets. East Asia countries, which handled the pandemic very effectively and moved quickly to capitalize on the new long- term economic trend, are in an favorable position and offer strong investment opportunities.

On the other hand, there are countries such as India and Brazil, which have completely failed to manage the pandemic and as a result they are facing significant challenges. For these countries, as well as others like them, a globally coordinated monetary support would offer the greatest safeguard.

East Asian countries are expected to lead yields in 2021 as they are very well invested to benefit from the consumption and technological innovation surge. The "loose" US-China ties have led to even greater diversification of the supply chain, with countries such as Taiwan and South Korea recording ever-increasing economic figures.