There is already a strong hint that in the current decade trillions of investment capital will be absorbed in the green energy sector. Such an aggressive start could point out from now on, in which sector there could be allegedly excessive euphoria in the future.

But this is only an allegation for the future. For the time being, the shift to green energy is rearranging world forces and changing the economic model forever. This is a sector in which the investments required by 2050 are colossal and this will lead to an blast of "green" debt.

According to data from Bloomberg, in 2020 the ESG bond market increased by 32% to $ 745.8 billion and for this year the estimates are giving a new increase of 34% with the total market reaching $ 1 trillion. For the next five years, analysts estimate that the market valuation will be even higher, to $ 11 trillion, or about $ 2.2 billion of new "green" debt per year.

The future of ESG bonds and equities appears to be bright. China is the country that is working hardest to achieve its emission reduction targets even by 2030. Pandemic recovery plans are aimed at green growth and for this purpose are not at all sparing. Governments, companies, central banks, are all on the same side and each uses the tools provided by the other.