The gaming industry has always been one of the most important investment markets as it maintained a very high growth rate while the close connection with technology often led to surprises, as is the case today.

For example, the expansion of the Internet and the interface of traditional gaming machines in a virtual environment have led to the rapid evolution of the industry. Now, a new unknown but very promising world, is actually metaverse that goes through the gaming industry.

The global toy market was worth $ 52.8 billion in 2021 and it is estimated that in 2021 will reach $ 138.4 billion.

However, the pandemic, the over-use of mobile phones and the interface between games and cryptocurrencies, changed the game and led to faster market growth. In the last three years alone, the industry has added 500 million new users, so that the total capitalization of the industry for 2021 has been over $ 300 billion, according to Accenture.

According to the same research by Accenture, the market consists of 2.7 billion players and by 2023 another 400 million are expected to be added.
Τhe environment of the gaming industry is highly developed as now in addition to the interaction between players, a player can create content and then utilize it, earning money. In the same way, companies can participate in the game by creating virtual stores and producing virtual products that lead to real sales. Things have changed dramatically and in the coming years we will see big transformations in this industry, while the revenue from this virtual reality will beat any estimates.

Like Metaverse, the gaming industry is at the beginning of a transformation and companies have a lot to gain from this development. Below are the most interesting developments in the field of gaming so that a potential investor can decide which big companies are already involved in this development.

Cloud-gaming services: A service that is now being developed for the industry and allows players to connect between different devices. The interaction of an entire system of services that offer a great recreation experience is in full progress.

5G Internet: It is the driving force for the evolution of the industry as it dramatically increases the implementation and evolution of all these new technologies.

Gaming hardware: In the coming months, there is expected a barrage of announcements for new gaming machines, which will be in line with all the new technological data.

The chart below shows the one-year returns of the five biggest companies in the industry, based on their revenue.