The answer to this question is not simple, but at XSpot Wealth we have done the necessary work and have taken all the appropriate decisions, so that the investor can see everything as simple as possible. Because the right investment is the one that pays off in time following a normal course without extremities.

We believe that there are only two ways to avoid investing in the wrong company.

1. Do not invest in a company, but in an ETF that includes tens, hundreds or even thousands of shares.

2. Do not invest in ETFs that attract the spotlight with spectacular returns and are targeted short term, but in ETFs of sectors with decades of existence.

We know that an investor is psychologically tested when he chooses to invest in stocks (via ETFs) and sees that there is another ETF which records spectacular returns and which he reads about every time he "surfs" the internet. Time has come to see that the stable over time returns lead to at least the same result as an ETF that has recorded a spectacular performance for a year. And most importantly: with tremendously lower risk.

Below is the Nasdaq ETF compared to ARKK and IPO. Two ETFs that choose to invest in start-ups that often offer mere promises for the future.