If you’re interested in maximizing the value you get for the money you pay for wealth management services we believe that you have to set up some criteria to help you evaluate the professionals you may work with. Among the questions you can ask to help you make a choice are:

1. How much experience does the wealth manager have working with clients that share your situation & goals (at least 10 years).

2. What is his investment philosophy according to the stage of your life cycle & your unique needs.

3. Does he recommend his own products or he uses an investment optimization selection process.

4. How is he/she paid (salary ? Fee based income? Commissions? Combination?).

5. Can he explain to you in a simple & transparent way how the investments he recommends will help you achieve your goals.

6. Can he provide you regular & accurate reports on the status of your accounts & is he willing to explain how your investments are performing & what adjustments to consider.

At XSpot Wealth we urge you to contact us in order to answer all the questions that you may have in the process of choosing a wealth manager professional & start a business relationship with The Most Innovative Digital Wealth Manager in Europe.

This document does not constitute and shall not be construed as a prospectus, advertisement, public offering, or placement of, nor a recommendation to buy, sell, hold or solicit, any investment, security, other financial instrument or other product or service. This document is for general information only and is not intended as investment advice or any other specific recommendation as to any particular course of action or inaction.