Our investment team monitors the markets daily in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients' plans. Therefore, we decided to make some changes on our XSpot Growth and Balanced investment plans.

2021 was another positive year for the markets and the XSpot Growth portfolio followed this upturn at very close quarters, continuing to offer a wider exposure across sectors, countries and strategies to provide greater security.

In 2022 we are expected to enter a period of rising US interest rates, in an effort to curb high inflation. In order to take advantage of this trend more safely, we decided to focus on the S&P 500 which is an index that offers exposure to sectors that are expected to benefit from this change in monetary policy.

The pandemic will remain in 2022 and the weapons for the protection of society are vaccines as well as possible new treatments. With estimates pointing to a significant increase in the profitability of pharmaceutical companies, we have further increased the exposure of the XSpot Growth portfolio to the Health sector.

As Europe takes faster and faster actions to adopt effective UCITS ETFs, we are able to build your existing portfolio of UCITS that are not subject to capital gains taxation or dividend taxation. In addition, with the capacity to compose the exact same portfolio that automatically reinvests dividends, the end result is an increase in net return over time.

There will also be a change in the XSpot Balanced portfolio with the S&P 500 added in place of the corresponding Value UCITS ETF for the same reasons mentioned above.

Please remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

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