By its very nature, investing in stocks courts a certain amount of portfolio volatility. Trying to make buy or sell decisions based on short-term fluctuations, can create an extremely uncomfortable investment experience over time. Timing markets based on the latest natural disaster, geo-political scare or epidemic too often spurs investors to shoot from the hip. Reacting in the moment poses a real and present danger — getting sucked up in the latest market head fake and missing out on any subsequent rebound. Research consistently shows that the average investor has displayed a strong tendency to sell at just the wrong time whenever there's a lot of sudden market volatility.

At XSpot Wealth we strongly believe that a properly designed portfolio that emphasizes global diversification can position our clients to maximize their wealth over time on a risk-adjusted basis.

If they let themselves get spooked by short-term price gyrations, studies show this winds up disrupting their longer-term wealth-building goals.

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