In almost one month time, a year is completed since the pandemic became known in China. However, everything that followed, which is valid even up to this day, leads to a safe conclusion. Global scientific community, for some reason, decided not to follow the historical evidence, as far as the handling of the pandemic is concerned, and to follow a new example. The historical background has to do with the steps needed to be followed so as to cope with the pandemic. The first phase is the one with the largest number of cases and the biggest death toll. The second phase has far less cases and deaths and this is how it goes on. Simply said, the pandemic handling outlook based on the historical background is as follows:

According to the above graph, total deaths (almost as many as they are today in America and elsewhere) should have happened during the first wave and not the second, which we are currently experiencing. Today we should had been through the phase of declining pandemic intensity, which would become less contagious from phase to phase. This would enable the economy to grow as there would be no need for continuous cessations of the economic activity.

The handling of the pandemic so far shows that this curve has been reversed and if no antidote is released (medicine, vaccine), the third wave that will follow the second lockdown, will possibly be even bigger and more fatal.