Fed Chair, Powell: “Our tools cannot ease supply constraints”

The Fed head announced a gradual reduction in monthly bond purchases from November, at the long-awaited meeting of the American central bank. However, he pointed out that the decision on tapering does not constitute a change in the policy of zero interest rates. Regarding inflation, he stressed that the view remains that this is a transitionary phenomenon and that the situation due to its increase needs time to normalize. In the aftermath of the statements, the stocks recorded a strong rally while the 10-year bond yield fell below 1.60%.

Small-Caps: Decisive breakout –an indication of an extremely positive investment sentiment

It took 23 months for the Russell 2000 small capitalization index to move higher than the small fluctuation range, between which it had been moving so far. The fact that small capitalization follows the same course as the larger capitalization indices is an indication of an extremely positive investment sentiment and this will lead to the inflow of even more capital. In fact, judging by the lasting search for direction, the coming weeks can be great.

November: The second strongest month in terms of returns for the last decade

With the stock indices having closed in October at new historical highs, the rise continues also in the first conferences of this month. According to Bloomberg data, in the last ten years, November is the second-best month of the year for the Nasdaq with an average yield of 2.48%.

Electric vehicles: Two- gear stocks

Until the beginning of 2021, these stocks were divided into companies that made electric cars and traditional car manufacturers that had simple plans. They are now divided into two other categories: American companies (traditional and non-traditional) and Chinese companies. Ford and General Motors are developing impressively as they have announced huge projects and on the other hand the Chinese companies are trying to make it through (for the time being) due to current circumstances.

Iron Ore and Baltic Dry Index: Massive losses after an extreme rally

The frantic rally in the price of iron ore has ended and prices have fallen by 58%, confirming once again that a frantic rally is followed by a strong fall. The Baltic Dry Index is also falling sharply from the recent high of 5650 points to 2892 points.

China Tech stocks: Where can the secret of recovery lie?

2021 is not a good year for China and especially for the technology industry as technology giants have been hit hard with their valuations falling by hundreds of billions. However, it seems that the current shortage of micro-chips could be an opportunity for their recovery as Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group Holdings and Baidu have invested huge sums in the construction of their own micro-chips in order to differentiate themselves from competition and reduce their dependence on well-known companies.

Stock news of the week

Capri Holdings: 16% jump for the stock and a storm of upgrades to the target price

Capri Holdings (NYSE: CPRI US) is the group to which, among others, the well-known brands belong: Michael Kors, Versace, Jimmy Choo. The company announced a 17% increase in revenue on an annual basis to $ 1.30 billion and earnings per share to $ 1.53 against estimates of $ 0.90.

The announcement was followed by target price upgrades. J.P. Morgan raised target price from $ 62 to $ 77 and Telsey Advisory Group from raised it from $ 62 to $ 70. The gap between the current price and the average target price is almost 20%.

HubSpot: Analysts' estimates are positive after the corporate results’ announcements

Analysts remain optimistic about the course of the stock after the announcement of the latest results. In general, analysts see very strong prospects for the future growth of the company. The company's share is going through an exceptional year with the return from the beginning of the year reaching 96%.

Moderna: Strong losses due to lower estimates

Moderna shares fell 11% shortly after the opening of Thursday's conference, as the company proceeded to reduce its estimates for sales of the vaccine for Covid-19 and therefore for its profit targets. The main reason is to send more vaccine doses to low-budget countries with the result that total vaccine revenues for 2021 are now estimated between $ 15- $ 18 billion compared to estimates for $ 20 billion. For 2022, estimates want sales to amount between $ 17- $ 22 billion.

ESG News

Solar energy outplays any other alternative energy sources

According to Bloomberg data, so far 444 GW of green energy production licenses have been granted through auctions. Of these, 216 GW relate to the construction of photovoltaic parks and 181 GW to wind energy projects, while the rest to other alternative energy projects.

The "battle" of giants in the "green" investment banking continues

Agricole Credit Agricole overtook BNP Paribas and is now competing with J.P. Morgan for the first place in the "green" bonds market. J.P. Morgan holds 6.2% of the total market, Credit Agricole 5.2% and BNP Paribas 5.1%.

Citigroup: New “green” bond and racism prevention control

Η Citigroup Citigroup issued a new "green" bond worth $ 1 billion and with a duration of four years. In addition, it became the first Wall Street bank to give its consent to be done audit in the entire company on the Agency's existing actions and protocols on preventing racism.

“Hot news” of the week

Coca-Cola: Acquisition of competitive company of energy drinks

Coca-Cola acquired Bodyarmor for $ 5.6 billion. The company already owned 15% from 2018, which since then managed to rise to second place in the so-called sports drinks market with the company's revenues jumping over $ 1 billion. The acquisition is expected to strengthen the position of Coca-Cola as it is a competitor and will also boost the "battle" with its big competitor company, Pepsi.

New scam in the field of cryptos: Investors’ capital vanished into thin air

Cases of fraud in the world of cryptocurrencies are numerous. A recent example is the case of Squid, which was inspired by the massively successful Netflix series and managed to attract funds, which then disappeared ending into the pockets of its unknown creators. Squid's short story was to jump from $ 0.01 to $ 2900 and from there even faster to $ 0.

Nvidia: Seventh biggest company in America

The sharp rise in s-sports and cryptocurrency mining boosted sales and future estimates for Nvidia, beating Warren Buffett's Berkshire capitalization on Wednesday. This is the result of an amazing course in 2021 with profits already amounting to 104%.

Amazon: “Google” of e- commerce

Amazon has become the absolute leader in e-commerce, constantly gaining the trust of new consumers. According to a Feedvisor survey, 92% of consumers are more likely to end up buying a product from Amazon than from another company, while in any other case before buying will research the price of the product on Amazon. Ease of shopping experience and product delivery options are crucial to Amazon's superiority.