India: Trillion investment opportunity in the energy sector

According to Bloomberg, India is expected to attract more than $ 1 trillion in investment funds by 2050, in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy storage technology.

The wind energy sector (offshore, onshore) is expected to attract $ 659 billion or 40% of total expected investment. India continues to build coal-fired power plants in order to achieve a smooth transition, while it also builds $ 180 billion worth of gas plants.

Traders ignore Lagarde and bet on rising interest rates

Lagarde pointed put on Thursday that the ECB was monitoring the monetary policy situation and rising interest rates. However, traders are already betting on a faster rise in interest rates, a fact that is already captured in the cost of borrowing in Italy.

Car batteries: The lack of supply is frightening

If the shortage of batteries for electric cars is already visible, when mass production will begin by many automakers, then the problem will get out of control, say executives of American companies. Ford recently announced the construction of a new plant, which will need a $ 11.4 billion investment to complete. Although in the beginning, the manufacture of car batteries was considered a loss-making business, now all car manufacturers are fighting to build their own and reduce dependence on third companies.

Automotive executives point out that in the next decade the shortages in batteries will make the current shortages in micro chips seem like simple delays.

The VIX index is at the lowest level after the crisis

The VIX volatility index in America and the European volatility index have been this week at their lowest levels since February 2020. This boosted stocks and refuted the historicity that places October in the center of sharp fluctuations.

France: 3% growth due to increased consumption was quite surprising

The French economy grew significantly in the third quarter as consumer spending rose sharply. The announcement exceeded analysts' estimates, while the data for the entire Eurozone are expected to show an increase of 2.1%.

Goldman Sachs: Liquidity is expected to boost shares buyback programs

With stocks hovering high and corporate liquidity also staying at high levels, Goldman Sachs expects repurchase of own shares plans to reach $ 872 billion in 2022, 8% higher than 2021. Dividends are also expected to rise.

Oil: $50 or $10 is the next target?

Oil is moving at levels above $ 80 while December futures are at $ 70. The rise that followed the unique events of 2020 continues as economic activity thrives.

Inflation: Expectations are so high that they matter to Japan too

Fears of rising inflation are also affecting Japan. Despite the fact that the Central Bank of the country implements one of the strongest programs to support the economy, managing to keep inflation below 2%, this time it seems that the developments of the pandemic will lead to an increase in inflation. The yield on Japanese 10-year bonds is at its highest level since 2018, indicating that investors are anticipating higher inflation.

Dolar: The exchange rate loses ground this week

The dollar is expected to record losses this week. Two new events were to attribute for the losses in the US currency. First, the weaker spread of the pandemic in America and second, the announcement of GDP which was worse than estimated and showed lower growth for the third quarter.

China: The only big player with positive bond yields

Chinese bonds are the only ones to record a positive yield for 2021 and their expected entry into the FTSE bond index will definitely further increase their attractiveness.

Tesla: “1 trillion club” with the aid of Hertz

The well-known car rental company ordered 100,000 Tesla in order to make its fleet environmentally friendly. This news led to a higher profitability of 12.7% for Tesla, which entered the very limited club of companies that have a capitalization of over $ 1 trillion. Since August 31, 2020 and the split of Tesla shares, the company has recorded a return of 116% with the majority of profits being recorded from May 2021 onwards.

Facebook: Higher profitability and announcement of a huge share buyback program

Facebook announced a 35% increase in revenue and a 17% increase in profits. The increase in advertising revenue was 33% while earnings per share rose to $ 3.22, an increase of 20%. At the same time, Facebook announced a huge $ 50 billion own shares repurchase program to ease the pressures it receives due to ongoing revelations about its users' data management.

Mastercard: Cooperation with Bakkt for payments with cryptocurrencies

The giant Mastercard announced that it will work with Bakkt to make it easier for banks, businesses and customers to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. The announcement sent Bakkt's share up more than 200% in a conference.

TotalEnergies: Record profits as energy prices remain high

Total profits of $ 4.77 billion were announced by TotalEnergies, which are four times higher than those of 2020. The company's investment plans reach $ 13 billion and there is a plan to repurchase $ 1.5 billion of own shares.