All the above are the main reasons why China could, in the next quarters, lead the global recovery. There are two more important parameters, which signal that China is expected to attract investments after five years of investment standstill.

China reviews, every five years, the financial target plans, as well as the priorities set for the upcoming five years. In the last review, China set two major priorities. The first priority has to do with the further boosting of domestic consumption. A move of high significance since China is the most populous and rapidly growing market and living standards improve more and more.

Second priority is China’s willingness to become a technological superpower. According to the new plan, Τechnology is showing up as a strategic pillar of the Chinese economy. Focus will be placed on chips sectors, fifth generation networks (5G), artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. In the next 15 years, China aims to become a global leader in technological innovation.

China, having invested during the last 10 years in high growth rates in order to improve living standards of Chinese people, now focuses on a financial plan that aims to increase domestic demand and open up the economy to foreign investment capital. At the time that lights are off in America, chinese economy records a remarkable year in the stock market, especially in the sectors mentioned above. I estimate that there is more to follow.