04-November-2020 – XSpot Wealth is pleased to announce the beginning of our partnership with the Organization "The Smile of the Child"

Within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility we support organizations whose work benefits our society and helps balance social inequalities by supporting people in need. In this spirit we are pleased to announce our partnership with the Organization "The Smile of the Child".

Inspired by the vision of little Andreas to create an organization that would help every child in need by putting a ‘Smile’ on every child’s, "The Smile of the Child” has been standing next to all children in need for 25 years; next to every child victim of violence, going missing, with health problems, living in or threatened by poverty.

At XSpot Wealth we are proud that for the next one (1) year we will support the work of the Organization and will contribute to the continuation and strengthening of its actions. XSpot Wealth will offer 10% of the management fees of the Junior Wealth accounts, for clients from Greece and Cyprus.

The vision of the Organization is that every child has a SMILE on their face, the one that it deserves.  Our goal is to actively support this effort by all possible means.