15-February-2022 – 15th of February is a very sensitive day dedicated to the fight of the little heroes. International Childhood Cancer Day is celebrated every year on February 15, at the initiative of the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO), to inform the world about childhood cancer.

Every year, about 250,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, of which only 20% have access to proper medical care. 80% of them come from middle and low income countries. More than 150,000 deaths each year could have been avoided if all children had been diagnosed and treated early. 70% - 80% of children who have access to specialized treatment are doing well with the progress of medicine and due to the adequacy of medicines and qualified scientific staff. It is estimated that around 20 children die of cancer every day in Europe. (Source: https://www.sansimera.gr/worldays/197)

In Greece, about 300 children are affected annually by cancer, mainly leukemia. Cancer in children is the second most common cause of death after accidents. But at the same time, 8 out of 10 children who suffer from leukemia today are being treated, and that's the message we all need to keep. (Source: https://www.sansimera.gr/worldays/197)

On the occasion of this particularly sensitive day dedicated to the little heroes, we are pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership with the "ELPIDA-Association of Friends of Children with Cancer" for one more year.

The "ELPIDA" Association for 32 consecutive years, has actualized a comprehensive framework of treatment and support for children suffering from cancer and their families, raising the awareness of the Greek people, who support its work. The work of the Association is multifaceted, trying to support children suffering from cancer and their families in all ways. With the knowledge, the necessary medical equipment and staff but also the soul and the love with which he surrounds the children giving them strength and hope to fight and win.

At XSpot Wealth we are proud to support the work of the "ELPIDA" Association for 2nd year in a row, offering 10% of the management fees of the Smart Wealth accounts for clients from Greece and Cyprus, remaining faithful to our commitment to support actions and organizations that bring value to our society.