28-February-2022 - Within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility and in continuation of our commitment to support actions and organizations that bring value to our society, we are pleased to announce our donation to the "ITHAKI" Association, whose main purpose is to educate the public on the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer and other forms of dementia but also the contribution to the improvement of the existing means and ways of treatment and relief of the patients.

XSpot Wealth funded the first aid training program of the staff of the "ITHAKI" Association, which is constantly by the side of people with dementia and their families, taking care of them every day and ensuring a good quality of life for the patient in all the stages of the disease.

We are honoured to support organizations that bring value to our society and contribute significantly to improving the lives of people in need.

A few words about "ITHAKI" Association
The Charitable Association for the Support of People with Dementia "ITHAKI" was founded in 2011 in Limassol, Cyprus by relatives of dementia patients and health professionals dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

The "ITHAKI" Association was created to offer the patient and his family palliative care at all stages of the disease. Taking care by specialized individuals and centers, the socialization of patients and the psychosocial and financial offer to the patient's family are just some of the goals set by the Association.