It is our believe that we are socially responsible to contribute to society as best we can in a way that shapes the world for a better tomorrow for everyone.

As a global company we do not only focus on our model and how we can re-shape the wealth management industry with solutions that democratise savings and investments for everyone. We also care to make world a better place and use the brainpower of our diverse team and part of the management fees we charge our clients to support causes bringing value in every community. As a result, XSpot is committed to maintaining a wide variety of projects some of which you can see below.

Corporate Social Responsibility
In XSpot we always believe in giving back something. From upholding high standards to giving a fair treatment to each other inside the company, to our partners and clients, helping and supporting the communities, looking after the environment. These are core values for us with equal importance to our business model and success.
Ethical way:
Our teams are imposed in some of the stringent regulatory and legal requirements, frequent checks and are obliged to always act in line with the internal Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. All our employees comply with the following policies: Conflicts of Interest, Related Party Transaction, Whistleblowing.